A history and development of conservation and restoration in Europe and in China

Shao, Kangchunzi (2021) A history and development of conservation and restoration in Europe and in China, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Studi sul patrimonio culturale / cultural heritage studies, 31 Ciclo. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsdottorato/9506.
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The history and development of cultural heritage conservation is a choice of the main body in charge or power. Based on the complex conditions of historical and cultural backgrounds, economic development levels, political systems, and development conditions of cultural heritage, different modalities are formed and adopted by different countries or regions. Being originated from the philosophies and activities of cultural heritage hundreds of years ago, the European countries faced these subjects in many ways, and right now have taken positive actions to manage and restrict each behavior about and around the cultural heritage. Among these countries, Italy is a long-time practitioner, a strong enforcer, and a major proponent of some new regulations and acts of conservation, but also the restoration of cultural heritage. Furthermore, it helps China to complete some cooperation activities of the conservation and restoration projects. Being absorbed some valuable experiences from Europe and learned the most useful lessons from Italy, the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage in China have been not too late at all, but have been developed to establish its own way to regulate and promote certain behind behaviors. As the terms from “antiquities” and “cultural relics”, then to “cultural prosperity” and “cultural heritage”, the fundamental conditions and a comprehensive system of the conservation and restoration in China have been described as well. With the development of the conservation theory, the Teoria del Restauro (Theory of Restoration) of Cesare Brandi gained great attention and has been translated in Chinese two times. While maintaining the aesthetic side of a work of art, this book is the first pioneer to pay attention to the authenticity and integrity of the historical and material level of conservation objects.

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Shao, Kangchunzi
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conservation and restoration, cultural heritage, cultural relics, cooperation, legal, regulation, public utilities, organizations, educational, training system, China, Europe, Italy, Brandi.
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26 Marzo 2021

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