La goccia e la foglia. Trasfigurazioni della bellezza naturale nella letteratura europea: Chateaubriand, Hölderlin e Leopardi.

Di Bartolo, Maurizio (2014) La goccia e la foglia. Trasfigurazioni della bellezza naturale nella letteratura europea: Chateaubriand, Hölderlin e Leopardi., [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Le letterature dell'Europa unita - Les littératures de l'Europe unie, 25 Ciclo. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsdottorato/6613.
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The drop and leaf. Transformations of the natural beauty in European literature: Chateaubriand, Hölderlin and Leopardi. The thesis introduces a morphological study of the aesthetics of nature at the end of 18. Century. The common thread is a comparative study of scientific paradigms and symbolic images used in the European literature. From this point of view, the thesis identifies the leaf and the drop as a point of contact between distinct and twisted cultural moments. A particularly important point is the analysis of the landscape. The scenery is the highlight for access to the secrets of writing romance. The landscape begins with the classical representation of the Garden of Eden and ends with the exotic forest. The latter is described by Chateaubriand, involvement in a sublime immensity of the desert and the ocean . Hölderlin instead with the natural beauty becomes a secret harmony and sunk into the unconscious symbolic of the human soul. Leopardi is the author of disenchantment, and yet he is still capable of feeling empathy towards natural beauty. With Leopardi , however, takes the final separation between natural beauty and nature. The latter is a moral grandeur, and is in fact the moment of nihilistic dissolution of a magnitude typically romantic aesthetic. After Chateaubriand, Leopardi , and Hölderlin the substance of natural beauty will no longer be transfiguring .

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Di Bartolo, Maurizio
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Scienze umanistiche
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Goutte , feuille, beuté naturelle, romantisme, paysage, jardin.
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4 Giugno 2014

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