Pretrattamenti termo-meccanici ed enzimatici su scarti dell'industria enologica per la produzione di Biogas

Bracchitta, Mirko (2012) Pretrattamenti termo-meccanici ed enzimatici su scarti dell'industria enologica per la produzione di Biogas , [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Biologia cellulare, molecolare e industriale/cellular, molecular and industrial biology: progetto n. 3 Microbiologia e biotecnologie industriali, 24 Ciclo. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsdottorato/4862.
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A fundamental assumption for by-product from winery industy waste-management is their economic and commercial increase in value. High energetic value recovery from winery industry is an attractive economic solution to stimulate new sustainable process. Approach of this work is based about physic and biological treatment with grape stalks and grape marc to increase polysaccharides components of cell wall and energetic availability of this by-products. Grape stalks for example have a high percentage of lignin and cellulose and can’t be used, whitout pretreatment, for an anaerobic digestion process. Our findings show enzymatic and thermo-mechanical pre-treatments in combined application for optimise hydrolytic mechanism on winemaking wastes which represents 0,9 milion ton/year in Italy and on straw, cereal by-products with high lignin content. A screening of specifically industrial enzymatic complex for the hydrolysis lignocellulosic biomass were tested using the principal polysaccharides component of the vegetal cells. Combined thermo-mechanical and enzymatic pretreatment improve substrates conversion in batch test fermentation experiment. The conservation of the grape stalks, at temperature above 0°C, allow the growth of spontaneus fermentation that reduce their polysaccharides content so had investigated anarobic condition of conservation. The other objective of this study was to investigate the capability of a proprietary strain of L.buchneri LN 40177 to enhance the accessibility of fermentable forage constituents during the anaerobic conservation process by releasing the enzyme ferulate esterase. The time sequence study by batch tests showed that the L. buchneri LN-40177 inoculated grape stalk substrate was more readily available in the fermenter. In batch tests with grape stalk, after mechanical treatment, the L. buchneri LN41077 treated substrate yielded on average 70% more biogas per kg/DM. Thermo-mechanical, enzymatic and biological treatment with L. buchneri LN-40177 can increase the biogas production from low fermented biomasses and the consequent their useful in anaerobic biodigesters for agro-bioenergy production.

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Bracchitta, Mirko
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Scienze biologiche, biomediche e biotecnologiche
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grape stalk,pre-treatment, enzyme, biogas, lactobacillus buchneri
Data di discussione
27 Aprile 2012

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