Sustainable inorganic Binders and Their Applications in Building Engineering: A Green Alternative to Ordinary Portland Cement

Natali Murri, Annalisa (2012) Sustainable inorganic Binders and Their Applications in Building Engineering: A Green Alternative to Ordinary Portland Cement, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Ingegneria dei materiali, 24 Ciclo. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsdottorato/4373.
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In the last decades, the building materials and construction industry has been contributing to a great extent to generate a high impact on our environment. As it has been considered one of the key areas in which to operate to significantly reduce our footprint on environment, there has been widespread belief that particular attention now has to be paid and specific measures have to be taken to limit the use of non-renewable resources.The aim of this thesis is therefore to study and evaluate sustainable alternatives to commonly used building materials, mainly based on ordinary Portland Cement, and find a supportable path to reduce CO2 emissions and promote the re-use of waste materials. More specifically, this research explores different solutions for replacing cementitious binders in distinct application fields, particularly where special and more restricting requirements are needed, such as restoration and conservation of architectural heritage. Emphasis was thus placed on aspects and implications more closely related to the concept of non-invasivity and environmental sustainability. A first part of the research was addressed to the study and development of sustainable inorganic matrices, based on lime putty, for the pre-impregnation and on-site binding of continuous carbon fiber fabrics for structural rehabilitation and heritage restoration. Moreover, with the aim to further limit the exploitation of non-renewable resources, the synthesis of chemically activated silico-aluminate materials, as metakaolin, ladle slag or fly ash, was thus successfully achieved. New sustainable binders were hence proposed as novel building materials, suitable to be used as primary component for construction and repair mortars, as bulk materials in high-temperature applications or as matrices for high-toughness fiber reinforced composites.

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Natali Murri, Annalisa
Dottorato di ricerca
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Ingegneria industriale
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geopolymers, alkali-activated materials, waste management, sustainability, binders, ladle slag, fly ash
Data di discussione
25 Maggio 2012

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