La traduction des textes de théatre. Analyse comparée des réalités contemporaines française et italienne

Zucchiatti, Marie Line (2011) La traduction des textes de théatre. Analyse comparée des réalités contemporaines française et italienne, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Lingue, culture e comunicazione interculturale, 22 Ciclo.
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The aim of the present study is to address contemporary drama translation by comparing two different scenarios, namely France and Italy. For each country, the following areas are described: publications of translated drama texts, their promotion and dissemination, the legal framework concerning copyright in publication and performance contracts. Moreover, the analysis highlights that the translation process of drama texts is part of a working cycle networking different professional figures, such as dramatic authors, directors, actors and publishers. Within this cycle, the translator is in a middle and central position at the same time, a sort of border zone between different contexts, i.e. the source language and culture and the target language and culture. As regards translation-related issues, on the basis of theoretical approaches that can be applied to drama translation, a number of translators’ opinions, statements, positions and practices are compared, thus highlighting an idea of drama translation wavering between translation and adaptation. Drama translators seem to follow these two orientations simultaneously, in compliance with translation ethics and the functional needs of target texts. Such ambivalence is due to the desire and difficulty of translating the specific nature of drama texts, i.e. translating textual elements that are linked, eventually, to stage performance. Indeed, the notion of text or form fidelity is replaced by the notion of fidelity to the theatrical value of a text, in terms of fidelity to its theatrical nature and rhythmical tension. The analysis reveals that drama translators work together with theatre operators, and that in many cases translators are authors, directors or actors themselves. These drama skills enable translators to apply relevant strategies when translating elements that generate rhythm, thus choosing from deleting, reproducing or recreating.

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Zucchiatti, Marie Line
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Contemporary drama text translation publication promotion translation copyright
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15 Settembre 2011

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