Yves Bonnefoy traduttore di Shakespeare: il poeta e la prova del dialogo

Amadori, Sara (2011) Yves Bonnefoy traduttore di Shakespeare: il poeta e la prova del dialogo, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Lingue, culture e comunicazione interculturale, 22 Ciclo.
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Contemporary French poet Yves Bonnefoy has always been attracted by English poetry, especially by Shakespeare’s work. Translating Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets has been a fundamental experience for him. The contact with a different culture, a different language and a different sort of poetry has been an important moment in his poetic experience. The dialogue between the French and the Elizabethan poet, which started in the 1950s, hasn't stopped yet and it offers some interesting perspectives to study Bonnefoy's work from a new point of view. Translation – which is first of all a poetic experience to him – is in fact the chance to get in touch with somebody else's poetry and to establish a dialogue with his poetic universe. Such a dialogue requires on the one hand an ‘ethic’ attitude on the translator's part, that is an attentive listening and a deep understanding of the original text. However, Bonnefoy has to create a new ‘poetic’ text in his own language. This is why the ‘seeds’ of his own poetry are also present in his translated texts, in which it is possible to clearly distinguish both the presence of the French poet’s own voice and his attempt to open his ‘speech’ to the specific quality of the Shakespearean poetry. On the other hand, such a deep contact with Shakespeare's work has changed the French poet, contributing to the development and maturity of his own poetry. Indeed, the Elizabethan poet is present in his work in different ways, in his critical essays as well as in his poems. Against this background, the aim of the present study is to define the complex dialogic forms and the osmotic relationships between the poetic experience and the experience of translation, which are considered two different moments of the same ontological research by the French poet.

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Amadori, Sara
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traduzione etica e poetica dialogo traduttivo straniero bermaniano rapporto osmotico tra poesia e traduzione
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15 Settembre 2011

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