Human bone: the tissue characteristics determining its mechanical behaviour

Ohman, Anna Maria Caroline (2011) Human bone: the tissue characteristics determining its mechanical behaviour, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Bioingegneria, 23 Ciclo.
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The present thesis illustrates the research carried out during the PhD studies in Bioengineering. The research was aimed to characterise the human bone tissue, with particular regard to the differences between cortical and trabecular bone. The bone tissue characteristics that affect its mechanical properties were verified or identified, using an experimental approach, to corroborate or refute hypotheses based on the state of the art in bone tissue biomechanics. The studies presented in the present PhD thesis were designed to investigate aspects of bone tissue biomechanics, which were in need of a more in-depth examination since the data found in the literature was contradictory or scarce. In particular, the work was focalised on the characterisation of the basic structure of the bone tissue (groups of lamellae), its composition, its spatial organisation (trabecular bone microarchitecture) and their influence on the mechanical properties. In conclusion, the present thesis integrates eight different studies on the characterisation of bone tissue. A more in-depth examination of some of the aspects of bone tissue biomechanics where the data found in the literature was contradictory or scarce was performed. Bone tissue was investigated at several scales, from its composition up to its spatial organization, to determine which parameters influence the mechanical behaviour of the tissue. It was found that although the composition and real density of bone tissue are similar, the differences in structure at different levels cause differences between the two types of bone tissue (cortical and trabecular) in mechanical properties. However, the apparent density can still be considered a good predictor of the mechanical properties of both cortical and trabecular bone. Finally, it was found that the bone tissue characteristics might change when a pathology is present, as demonstrated for OA.

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Ohman, Anna Maria Caroline
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bone tissue cortical bone trabecular bone mechanical properties bone density microstructure
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8 Aprile 2011

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