Kraus e/o Shakespeare. Intertestualità in prospettiva: tradurre, citare, inscrivere

Fantappiè, Irene (2009) Kraus e/o Shakespeare. Intertestualità in prospettiva: tradurre, citare, inscrivere, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Letterature comparate, 21 Ciclo.
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The thesis focuses on Karl Kraus’s rewritings of some Shakespeare plays and copes with the concepts of “translation” and “quotation” as commensurable forms of intertextuality. Building his Shakespeare’s Bearbeitungen as a montage of quotations of previous German translations, Karl Kraus creates a new kind of hybrid intertextuality that goes beyond the boundaries between quotation and translation. In my opinion, Karl Kraus understands quotation and translation as spatial concepts: in his rewritings he puts Shakespeare’s text into his geometrical and critical “perspective”. The thesis focuses also on the evolution of quotation and translation in Karl Kraus’s work: even maintaining their satirical and destruens function, they develop an “affirmative” role and are used in order to redefine the literary canon. The thesis investigates this form of intertextuality from a comparative point of view, referring to the translation studies (Hermans, Bassnett, Lefevere, Apel, Berman, Meschonnic), theories of intertextuality (Genette, Barthes, Worton, Orr), studies on quotation and montage (Compagnon; Möbius, Hage), and studies on Karl Kraus (Kraft, Ribeiro, Scheichl, Fischer, Timms, Canetti and the famous essay of Walter Benjamin). It also contains a survey of Theater der Dichtung’s historical framework and several comparisons between Karl Kraus’s and other early 20th translations of Shakespeare’s plays.

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Fantappiè, Irene
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Kraus Shakespeare citazione traduzione
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30 Giugno 2009

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