Spectroscopic investigation on photoreactivity, structure and polymorphism of organic molecular crystals

Pandolfi, Lorenzo (2023) Spectroscopic investigation on photoreactivity, structure and polymorphism of organic molecular crystals, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Chimica, 35 Ciclo.
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The study of the spectroscopic phenomena in organic solids, in combination with other techniques, is an effective tool for the understanding of the structural properties of materials based on these compounds. This Ph.D. work was dedicated to the spectroscopic investigation of some relevant processes occurring in organic molecular crystals, with the goal of expanding the knowledge on the relationship between structure, dynamics and photoreactivity of these systems. Vibrational spectroscopy has been the technique of choice, always in combination with X-ray diffraction structural studies and often the support of computational methods. The vibrational study of the molecular solid state reaches its full potential when it includes the low-wavenumber region of the lattice-phonon modes, which probe the weak intermolecular interactions and are the fingerprints of the lattice itself. Microscopy is an invaluable addition in the investigation of processes that take place in the micro-meter scale of the crystal micro-domains. In chemical and phase transitions, as well as in polymorph screening and identification, the combination of Raman microscopy and lattice-phonon detection has provided useful information. Research on the fascinating class of single-crystal-to-single-crystal photoreactions, has shown how the homogeneous mechanism of these transformations can be identified by lattice-phonon microscopy, in agreement with the continuous evolution of their XRD patterns. On describing the behavior of the photodimerization mechanism of vitamin K3, the focus was instead on the influence of its polymorphism in governing the product isomerism. Polymorphism is the additional degree of freedom of molecular functional materials, and by advancing in its control and properties, functionalities can be promoted for useful applications. Its investigation focused on thin-film phases, widely employed in organic electronics. The ambiguities in phase identification often emerging by other experimental methods were successfully solved by vibrational measurements.

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Pandolfi, Lorenzo
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Spectroscopy, polymorphism, organic molecular crystals, Raman, lattice phonons, structure, crystallography, organic electronics, pharmaceuticals, photoreactivity
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19 Giugno 2023

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