Modelling the influence of diradical character and aggregation on conjugated molecular materials

Dai, Yasi (2023) Modelling the influence of diradical character and aggregation on conjugated molecular materials, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Chimica, 35 Ciclo.
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Molecular materials are made by the assembly of specifically designed molecules to obtain bulk structures with desired solid-state properties, enabling the development of materials with tunable chemical and physical properties. These properties result from the interplay of intra-molecular constituents and weak intermolecular interactions. Thus, small changes in individual molecular and electronic structure can substantially change the properties of the material in bulk. The purpose of this dissertation is, thus, to discuss and to contribute to the structure-property relationships governing the electronic, optical and charge transport properties of organic molecular materials through theoretical and computational studies. In particular, the main focus is on the interplay of intra-molecular properties and inter-molecular interactions in organic molecular materials. In my three-years of research activity, I have focused on three major areas: 1) the investigation of isolated-molecule properties for the class of conjugated chromophores displaying diradical character which are building blocks for promising functional materials; 2) the determination of intra- and intermolecular parameters governing charge transport in molecular materials and, 3) the development and application of diabatization procedures for the analysis of exciton states in molecular aggregates. The properties of diradicaloids are extensively studied both regarding their ground state (diradical character, aromatic vs quinoidal structures, spin dynamics, etc.) and the low-lying singlet excited states including the elusive double-exciton state. The efficiency of charge transport, for specific classes of organic semiconductors (including diradicaloids), is investigated by combining the effects of intra-molecular reorganization energy, inter-molecular electronic coupling and crystal packing. Finally, protocols aimed at unravelling the nature of exciton states are introduced and applied to different molecular aggregates. The role of intermolecular interactions and charge transfer contributions in determining the exciton state character and in modulating the H- to J- aggregation is also highlighted.

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Dai, Yasi
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Quantum-chemistry; DFT-base methods; CASSCF; conjugated diradicals; double-exciton state; resonance-Raman; spin-dynamics; excited states; solvatochromism; molecular aggregates; diabatization; exciton states; model-Hamiltonian; charge transport; electronic-couplings; reorganization energies
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19 Giugno 2023

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