Microwave and millimeter-wave spectroscopy of sulfur-containing molecules

Song, Wentao (2023) Microwave and millimeter-wave spectroscopy of sulfur-containing molecules, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Chimica, 35 Ciclo.
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The rotational spectroscopy of several sulfur bearing molecules and their 1:1 water complex, cysteamine, cysteamine monohydrate, 1-thioglycerol and 1-propanethiol were studied in the micro-wave and (or) millimeter-wave range. Precise laboratory spectra and conformational information were obtained. For cysteamine, the conformational space (at the B3LYP-GD3(BJ)/Def2-TZVP level) and the measurement and analysis of its rotational spectra in the 6 - 18 and 59.6 - 120 GHz are reported. The hyperfine structure of the rotational spectra was observed and analyzed for the first time. Based on the measured spectra, a search of the different conformers of cysteamine was performed toward the G+0.693-0.027 molecular cloud. We computed the upper limit of the ratio of ethanolamine to cysteamine, which is >0.8−5.3. For the cysteamine monohydrate, the conformational space was explored (at the B3LYP-GD3(BJ)/Def2-TZVP level). The rotational spectra of the cysteamine monohydrate complex have been assigned in the frequency range 6 – 18.5 GHz. The global minimum, Conf A1, was the only observed one. The 34S isotopologue of Conf A1 was observed in natural abundance, while 18O isotopologue was detected by introducing the H218O. In this conformer, the water molecule plays both proton donor and acceptor roles, forming a OHw···N interaction, a SH···Ow interaction and a CH···Ow interaction. The conformational space of 1-thioglycerol has been characterized by quantum mechanical calculation and its rotational spectrum has been recorded and analyzed in the frequency range 59.6 - 78.4 GHz. The global minimum of 1-thioglycerol is gTg’Gg’ and were detected together with gTg’Tg and gGgG’g, while the two detected conformers are g’G’gGg’ and tGgGg. The high-resolution rotational spectrum of 1-propanethiol in the frequency range 59.6 – 78.4 GHz was measured. Two conformers, Gg and Tg, were observed and their spectra were analyzed. Considering the overall conformational space calculated at the B3LYP-GD3(BJ)/Def2-TZVP level they are among the lowest energy conformers.

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Song, Wentao
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rotational spectroscopy, sulfur, molecules, clusters, interstellar molecules
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20 Marzo 2023

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