Structural health monitoring of storage tanks

Bogomolov, Denis (2022) Structural health monitoring of storage tanks, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Monitoraggio e gestione delle strutture e dell'ambiente - sehm2, 34 Ciclo.
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In this thesis, Ph.D candidate presents a compact sensor node (SN) designed for long-term and real-time acoustic emission (AE) monitoring of above ground storage tanks (ASTs). Each SN exploits up to three inexpensive low-frequency sensors based on piezoelectric diaphragms for effective leakage detection, and it is capable by means of built-in Digital Signal Processing functionalities to process the acquired time waveforms extracting the AE features usually required by testing protocols. Alternatively, capability to plug three high frequency AE sensors to a SN for corrosion simulated phenomena detection is envisaged and demonstrated. Another innovative aspect that the Ph.D candidate presents in this work is an alternative mathematical model of corrosion location on the bottom of the AST. This approach implies considering the three-dimensional localization model versus the two-dimensional commonly used according to the literature. This approach is aimed at significant optimization in the number of sensors in relation to the standard approach for solving localization problems as well as to allow filtering the false AE events related to the condensate droplets from AST ceiling. The technological implementation of this concept required the solution of a number of technical problems, such as the precise time of arrival (ToA) signal estimation, vertical localization of the AE source and multilaration solution that were discussed in detail in this work. To validate the developed prototype, several experimental campaigns were organized that included the simulation of target phenomena both in laboratory conditions and on a real water storage tank. The presented test results demonstrate the successful application of the developed AE system both for simulated leaks and for corrosion processes on the tank bottom. Mathematical and technological algorithms for localization and characterization of AE signals implemented during the development of the prototype are also confirmed by the test results.

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Bogomolov, Denis
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Acoustic emission, structural health monitoring, storage tanks, acoustic emission system, corrosion, leakage
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14 Giugno 2022

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