Relationships between airborne pollen allergens and environmental factors.

Suanno, Chiara (2022) Relationships between airborne pollen allergens and environmental factors., [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Scienze della terra, della vita e dell'ambiente, 34 Ciclo.
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This thesis is a collection of scientific papers resulting from my research activity during the PhD course in Earth, Life, and Environmental Sciences. The main subject of the thesis is the capability of pollen to trigger a hypersensitive reaction in different environmental conditions, and the need to better characterise such allergenicity in order to measure it. This topic is discussed from different perspectives, using ecological, morphological, and molecular approaches. The thesis starts by summarising the importance of green infrastructures in the cities, from economical and conservational perspectives. It then focalises on the lesser-known ecosystem disservices urban vegetation can provide, and in particular on pollen allergy, exploring its causes and illustrating possible ways to monitor, foresee, and mitigate the allergenic risk. The possibility to monitor the allergenicity of urban green areas is then examined in depth, with an original research paper that proposes a method standardisation for existing allergenicity indices (Specific Allergenic Index and Urban Green Zones Allergenicty Index), and compares the indices results to evaluate their effectiveness. At the end of the thesis, pollen allergenicity is also approached from a molecular perspective, by investigating pollen allergens release mechanisms in the context of pollen hydration and germination. In particular, in an unpublished original research paper, the nature of allergen-carrying extracellular nanovesicles (pollensomes) released by pollen is extensively studied on a non-allergenic pollen model, to understand their biological role and thus the environmental conditions that trigger their release. Moreover, the last paper reported in the thesis demonstrates the secretion of a potential pollen allergen, a low-molecular weight cyclophilin, during pollen germination under stressful conditions. The thesis concludes with a brief description of other scientific activities carried on during the PhD, that still need more scientific corroboration to be published.

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Suanno, Chiara
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pollen; allergy; urban parks; monitoring; forecasting; aerobiology; palynology; molecular biology
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27 Giugno 2022

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