Assessing the state of Nephrops norvegicus and management measures in the Central Adriatic Sea

Chiarini, Matteo (2022) Assessing the state of Nephrops norvegicus and management measures in the Central Adriatic Sea, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Tecnologie innovative e uso sostenibile delle risorse di pesca e biologiche del mediterraneo (fishmed-phd), 34 Ciclo. DOI 10.48676/unibo/amsdottorato/10163.
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Nephrops norvegicus is a sedentary bottom-dwelling crustacean that represents one of the main commercial species exploited in the Adriatic Sea (Central Mediterranean). An evaluation of the status of this important resource is thus extremely important in order to manage it in a sustainable way. The evaluation of N. norvegicus is complicated by several issues, mainly: (i) the complex biology and behaviour of the species itself, (ii) the presence of subpopulations with different biological traits within the same stock unit. Relevant concentration of N.norvegicus occurs within the Pomo/Jabuka Pits area which is characterised by peculiar oceanographic and geophysical conditions. This area represented for a long time an important fishing ground shared by Italian and Croatian fleets and recently a Fishery Restricted Area (FRA) was established there. The aim of the present study is to perform for the first time an evaluation of the status of the N.norvegicus subpopulation inhabiting the Pomo/Jabuka Pits also accounting for the possible effects on it of the management measures. To achieve this, the principal fisheryindependent and fishery-dependent dataset available for the study area were firstly analysed and then treated. Data collected by the CNR-IRBIM of Ancona through both indirect (“UWTV”) and direct (trawling) methods were refined by means of a revision of the time series and related biases, and a modelling approach accounting for environmental and fishery effects, respectively. Commercial data for both Italy and Croatia were treated in order to obtain landings and length distributions for the Pomo area only; an historical reconstruction of data starting from 1970 was carried out for both countries. The obtained information was used as input for a Bayesian length-based stock assessment model developed through the CASAL software; the flexibility of this model is recommended for N.norvegicus and similar species allowing to deal with sex- and fleet-based integrated assessment method

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Chiarini, Matteo
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Nephrops norvegicus, Adriatic Sea, Pomo Pits, stock assessment, length-based, CASAL
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17 Giugno 2022

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