Carbonates and sulfides in orogenic garnet-bearing peridotites from the Ulten Zone as witnesses for Carbon and Sulfur mobility in orogenic settings

Consuma, Giulia (2021) Carbonates and sulfides in orogenic garnet-bearing peridotites from the Ulten Zone as witnesses for Carbon and Sulfur mobility in orogenic settings, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Scienze della terra, della vita e dell'ambiente, 33 Ciclo. DOI 10.48676/unibo/amsdottorato/9872.
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Convergent plate boundaries are sites of sustained chemical exchanges between the Earth’s surface and deep geochemical reservoirs, playing a major role in the global cycle of carbon and sulfur. However, carbon and sulfur recycling processes continue to be hotly debated. A critical gap in the knowledge of the whole subduction factory is given by the limited accessibility to the upper mantle residing above the subducting plate, the so-called mantle wedge. This thesis investigates the carbonate and sulfide metasomatism taking place during the whole metamorphic evolution of a mantle wedge involved in the Variscan continental collision. We integrate different detailed geochemical and petrological techniques to orogenic carbonated spinel and garnet peridotites from the Ulten Zone of the Eastern Italian Alps. Our data show that the Ulten Zone peridotite experienced multiple stages of addition and removal of carbon and sulfur throughout its metamorphic evolution, as follows: (1) The Variscan lithospheric mantle was initially depleted and sulfide-poor. It subsequently inherited a sulfur and carbon component during an early metasomatic stage, when hot, H2S-CO2-bearing melts leaving a subduction-modified source percolated the overlying spinel-facies peridotite in the mantle wedge; (2) Under peak eclogite-facies P-T conditions, pervasive carbonation and sulfidation occurred. Heterogeneous melt and fluid sources variably enriched in carbon, isotopically heavy sulfur and radiogenic Sr were involved; (3) Shortly after the attainment of peak-P conditions, peridotite bodies were incorporated in a tectonic mélange with the neighboring gneisses. Here, the Ulten Zone peridotite was exposed to channelized infiltration of hybridized C-O-H fluids that promoted the formation of veinlets of carbonates locally associated with sulfide grains. (4) Upon late retrogression, infiltration of serpentinizing fluids promoted C and S remobilization at shallow crustal levels.

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Consuma, Giulia
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Peridotite, Carbon, Sulfur, Mantle Wedge, Subduction Zone, HP terranes
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21 Maggio 2021

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