Studies of pure rotational spectra of isolated molecules and molecular adducts using pulsed jet Fourier transform microwave (PJ-FTM) spectroscopy

Feng, Gang (2013) Studies of pure rotational spectra of isolated molecules and molecular adducts using pulsed jet Fourier transform microwave (PJ-FTM) spectroscopy, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Scienze chimiche, 25 Ciclo. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsdottorato/5564.
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This thesis focuses on studying molecular structure and internal dynamics by using pulsed jet Fourier transform microwave (PJ-FTMW) spectroscopy combined with theoretical calculations. Several kinds of interesting chemical problems are investigated by analyzing the MW spectra of the corresponding molecular systems. First, the general aspects of rotational spectroscopy are summarized, and then the basic theory on molecular rotation and experimental method are described briefly. ab initio and density function theory (DFT) calculations that used in this thesis to assist the assignment of rotational spectrum are also included. From chapter 3 to chapter 8, several molecular systems concerning different kind of general chemical problems are presented. In chapter 3, the conformation and internal motions of dimethyl sulfate are reported. The internal rotations of the two methyl groups split each rotational transition into several components line, allowing for the determination of accurate values of the V3 barrier height to internal rotation and of the orientation of the methyl groups with respect to the principal axis system. In chapter 4 and 5, the results concerning two kinds of carboxylic acid bi-molecules, formed via two strong hydrogen bonds, are presented. This kind of adduct is interesting also because a double proton transfer can easily take place, connecting either two equivalent or two non-equivalent molecular conformations. Chapter 6 concerns a medium strong hydrogen bonded molecular complex of alcohol with ether. The dimer of ethanol-dimethylether was chosen as the model system for this purpose. Chapter 7 focuses on weak halogen…H hydrogen bond interaction. The nature of O-H…F and C-H…Cl interaction has been discussed through analyzing the rotational spectra of CH3CHClF/H2O. In chapter 8, two molecular complexes concerning the halogen bond interaction are presented.

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Feng, Gang
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Scienze chimiche
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22 Aprile 2013

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