Caratterizzazione meccanica multiscala di materiali rocciosi strutturalmente complessi

Bandini, Annalisa (2011) Caratterizzazione meccanica multiscala di materiali rocciosi strutturalmente complessi, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Geoingegneria, georisorse e ingegneria geotecnica, 23 Ciclo.
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The research work was aimed at studying, with a deterministic approach, the relationships between the rock’s texture and its mechanical properties determined at the laboratory scale. The experimentation was performed on a monomineralic crystalline rock, varying in texture, i.e. grains shape. Multi-scale analysis has been adopted to determine the elasto-mechanical properties of the crystals composing the rock and its strength and deformability at the macro-scale. This let us to understand how the structural variability of the investigated rock affects its macromechanical behaviour. Investigations have been performed on three different scales: nano-scale (order of nm), micro-scale (tens of m) and macro-scale (cm). Innovative techniques for rock mechanics, i.e. Depth Sensing Indentation (DSI), have been applied, in order to determine the elasto-mechanical properties of the calcite grains. These techniques have also allowed to study the influence of grain boundaries on the mechanical response of calcite grains by varying the indents’ sizes and to quantify the effect of the applied load on the hardness and elastic modulus of the grain (indentation size effect, ISE). The secondary effects of static indentation Berkovich, Vickers and Knoop were analyzed by SEM, and some considerations on the rock’s brittle behaviour and the effect of microcracks can be made.

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Bandini, Annalisa
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7 Settembre 2011

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