Economie locali, mondi globali. Per un'etnografia del microcredito in Italia

Crivellaro, Francesca (2011) Economie locali, mondi globali. Per un'etnografia del microcredito in Italia, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Cooperazione internazionale e politiche per lo sviluppo sostenibile, 23 Ciclo.
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Local worlds, global economies. For an ethnography of microcredit in Italy. The research main purpose is to provide an anthropological analysis of a microcredit project targeting migrant women in Venice, Italy. Microcredit is a globally widespread financial strategy. Muhammad Yunus’ Grameen Bank success in Bangladesh was pivotal in promoting microfinance as one of the most important poverty alleviation strategies in the Development Countries. Post Industrial Countries adopted microcredit to foster “non bankable” categories – notably immigrants, women and young people - financial inclusion. The history of the Venice project is reconstructed starting from the perspectives of its main characters (promoters, social workers, beneficiaries and local stakeholders). Their positioned representations are analyzed in order to understand how different actors reproduced or renegotiated some of the main rhetorics underpinning the hegemonic “microcredit discourse”. Specifically, keywords such as “sustainability”, “empowerment” and “trust” are critically deconstructed to see how they are meant and translated into practice by different actors. Fieldwork data allows some considerations on the Italian way to microfinance.

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Crivellaro, Francesca
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Scienze politiche e sociali
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anthropology microcredit migrations
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13 Settembre 2011

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