Studi sull'epigramma scoptico greco

Ceccaroli, Stefano (2011) Studi sull'epigramma scoptico greco, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Filologia greca e latina, 23 Ciclo. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsdottorato/4015.
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The dissertation is divided into two parts: the first synthesis focused on the definition of the epigram scoptico imperial age, the second analysis concerns the study of the minor poets of Book XI. In the Introduction (I), the attention focuses on the genesis of imperial scoptic epigram: here you try to draw a picture of the satirical Greek literature before the middle of the century AD to identify the debts of the scoptic epigram, especially Lucillius’, in respect of previous authors (from the Middle-up comedy to epigrams of the Crown of Philip), and to emphasize the remoteness of this literary phenomenon from other experiences of ironic and satirical poetry (Catullus). In the chapter on the Themes (II), the study was limited to professional groups and those most targeted (doctors, grammarians, etc..), to that particular type represented by the satire on ethnic groups. The study of minor poets is necessarily preceded by a general discussion on the authors most representative of the greek satiric poetry: Lucillius, Ammianus, Nicarchus and Palladas (III). All the minor poets of the eleventh book, which you can not provide a date, have been regarded by scholars as the ‘poets of Diogenian’: the chapter on Anthologion of Diogenian (IV), which is undergoing critical to the existence (assumed but never proven) of the lost source of Book XI, therefore, serves as an introduction to the commentary of the authors required minors. During the discussion they are not qualified as poets ‘poets of Diogenian’, but are divided into two categories: those included in the string of alphabetically ordered AP XI 388-436 (V), and those who are not part of (VI). Finally, a separate chapter (VII) is devoted to the age-old question of epigrams assigned to Lucian, both in the string of alphabetically ordered epigrams, as well as outside it.

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Ceccaroli, Stefano
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anthologia graeca epigramma scoptico lucillio
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26 Maggio 2011

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