Design and fabrication of MOMS-based ultrasonic probes for minimally invasive endoscopic applications

Belsito, Luca (2011) Design and fabrication of MOMS-based ultrasonic probes for minimally invasive endoscopic applications , [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Tecnologie dell'informazione, 23 Ciclo. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsdottorato/3564.
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A Micro-opto-mechanical systems (MOMS) based technology for the fabrication of ultrasonic probes on optical fiber is presented. Thanks to the high miniaturization level reached, the realization of an ultrasonic system constituted by ultrasonic generating and detecting elements, suitable for minimally invasive applications or Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of materials at high resolution, is demonstrated. The ultrasonic generation is realized by irradiating a highly absorbing carbon film patterned on silicon micromachined structures with a nanosecond pulsed laser source, generating a mechanical shock wave due to the thermal expansion of the film induced by optical energy conversion into heat. The short duration of the pulsed laser, together with an appropriate emitter design, assure high frequency and wide band ultrasonic generation. The acoustic detection is also realized on a MOMS device using an interferometric receiver, fabricated with a Fabry-Perot optical cavity realized by means of a patterned SU-8 and two Al metallization levels. In order to detect the ultrasonic waves, the cavity is interrogated by a laser beam measuring the reflected power with a photodiode. Various issues related to the design and fabrication of these acoustic probes are investigated in this thesis. First, theoretical models are developed to characterize the opto-acoustic behavior of the devices and estimate their expected acoustic performances. Tests structures are realized to derive the relevant physical parameters of the materials constituting the MOMS devices and determine the conditions theoretically assuring the best acoustic emission and detection performances. Moreover, by exploiting the models and the theoretical results, prototypes of acoustic probes are designed and their fabrication process developed by means of an extended experimental activity.

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Belsito, Luca
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Scienze e ingegneria dell'informazione
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Ultrasounds Laser Fabry-Perot MEMS Opto-acoustic
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15 Aprile 2011

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