La professione docente tra rappresentazioni e progetto formativo. Un'analisi pedagogica della competenza degli insegnanti secondari

Pinelli, Giorgia (2011) La professione docente tra rappresentazioni e progetto formativo. Un'analisi pedagogica della competenza degli insegnanti secondari, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Pedagogia, 23 Ciclo.
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This thesis deals with the professional characteristics of secondary school teachers, with particular regard to their competence and their education. The topic will be approached starting from the characteristics and trasnformations social research has identified concerning Italian teachers, focusing on secondary teacher training. After a brief look at Europe, the attention will be directed to Italy, with particular regard to the Postgraduate Schools of Specialisation for Secondary School Teachers (SSIS); hence the need for an analysis that focuses on teaching per se and its concrete pratice. For its nature to be fully grasped, teaching must be reconsidered as an independent object of study, a performance in which competence manifests itself and a form of action involving a set of tacit and personal knowledge. A further perspective opens up for analysis, according to which the professional characteristics of teachers are the result of an education in which the whole history of the subject is involved, in its educative, formative, professional and personal aspects. The teaching profession is imbued with implicit meanings which are inaccessible to conscience but orient action and affect the interpretation of experience. Through the analysis of three different empirical data sets, collected among teachers-in-training and teachers qualified at SSIS, I will try to investigate the actual existence, the nature and the features of such implicit knowledge. It appears necessary to put the claims of process-product approaches back in their right perspective, to the benefit of a holistic conception of teaching competence. The teacher is, at the same time, “he who is teaching” and offers a concrete receiver the fruit of an endless work of study, reflection, practice and self-update. To understand this process will mean to penetrate more and more deeply into the core of teaching and teaching competence , a competence that in some respects “is” always “that” teacher, with his or her own story, implicit knowledge and representations.

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Pinelli, Giorgia
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insegnanti formazione competenza impliciti rappresentazioni
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27 Maggio 2011

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