Creative process in globally distributed teams: a study of new product development in Volvo

Silveira Reis, Rosana (2010) Creative process in globally distributed teams: a study of new product development in Volvo, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Direzione aziendale, 21 Ciclo.
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With the business environments no longer confined to geographical borders, the new wave of digital technologies has given organizations an enormous opportunity to bring together their distributed workforce and develop the ability to work together despite being apart (Prasad & Akhilesh, 2002). resupposing creativity to be a social process, the way that this phenomenon occurs when the configuration of the team is substantially modified will be questioned. Very little is known about the impact of interpersonal relationships in the creativity (Kurtzberg & Amabile, 2001). In order to analyse the ways in which the creative process may be developed, we ought to be taken into consideration the fact that participants are dealing with a quite an atypical situation. Firstly, in these cases socialization takes place amongst individuals belonging to a geographically dispersed workplace, where interpersonal relationships are mediated by the computer, and where trust must be developed among persons who have never met one another. Participants not only have multiple addresses and locations, but above all different nationalities, and different cultures, attitudes, thoughts, and working patterns, and languages. Therefore, the central research question of this thesis is as follows: “How does the creative process unfold in globally distributed teams?” With a qualitative approach, we used the case study of the Business Unit of Volvo 3P, an arm of Volvo Group. Throughout this research, we interviewed seven teams engaged in the development of a new product in the chassis and cab areas, for the brands Volvo and Renault Trucks, teams that were geographically distributed in Brazil, Sweden, France and India. Our research suggests that corporate values, alongside with intrinsic motivation and task which lay down the necessary foundations for the development of the creative process in GDT.

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Silveira Reis, Rosana
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Scienze economiche e statistiche
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creative process globally distributed teams development of new product
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27 Maggio 2010

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