Biomasse e loro quantificazione economica per un efficiente uso dell'energia

Vetrano, Vittorio (2009) Biomasse e loro quantificazione economica per un efficiente uso dell'energia, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Zooeconomia, 21 Ciclo. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsdottorato/2187.
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Biomasses and their possible use as energy resource are of great interest today, and the general problem of energy resources as well. In the present study the key questions of the convenience, from both energy and economy standpoints, have been addressed without any bias: the problem has been handled starting from “philosophical” bases disregarding any pre-settled ideology or political trend, but simply using mathematical approaches as logical tools for defining balances in a right way. In this context quantitative indexes such as LCA and EROEI have been widely used, together with multicriteria methods (such as ELECTRE) as decision supporting tools. This approach permits to remove mythologies, such as the unrealistic concept of clean energy, or the strange idea of biomasses as a magic to solve every thing in the field of the energy. As a consequence the present study aims to find any relevant aspect potentially useful for the society, looking at any possible source of energy without prejudices but without unrealistic expectations too. For what concerns biomasses, we studied in great details four very different cases of study, in order to have a scenario as various as much we can. A relevant result is the need to use biomasses together with other more efficient sources, especially recovering by-products from silviculture activities: but attention should be paid to the transportation and environmental costs. Another relevant result is the very difficult possibility of reliable evaluation of dedicated cultures as sources for “biomasses for energy”: the problem has to be carefully evaluated case-by-case, because what seems useful in a context, becomes totally disruptive in another one. In any case the concept itself of convenience is not well defined at a level of macrosystem: it seems more appropriate to limit this very concept at a level of microsystem, considering that what sounds fine in a limited well defined microsystem may cause great damage in another slightly different, or even very similar, microsystem. This approach seems the right way to solve the controversy about the concept of convenience.

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Vetrano, Vittorio
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biomasse energia indici valutativi
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18 Maggio 2009

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