Innovazione organizzativa e istituzionale della pubblica amministrazione. Un approccio interpretativo e l'analisi di un dispositivo partecipativo nel settore della cultura

Dall’Agata, Claudia (2009) Innovazione organizzativa e istituzionale della pubblica amministrazione. Un approccio interpretativo e l'analisi di un dispositivo partecipativo nel settore della cultura, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Sociologia, 19 Ciclo. DOI 10.6092/unibo/amsdottorato/1420.
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The thesis aims at inquiring into the issue of innovation and organizational and institutional change in the public administration with regard to the increasingly massive adoption of participatory devices and practices in various arenas of public policies. The field of reference regards transformations of the types of public actions and regulation systems, concerning governance. Together with the crisis of the public function and of the role played by the insitutions what is emerging are different levels of governement, both towards an over national and a local direction, and a plurality of social interlocutors, followed by a post-bureaucratic pattern of the public administration that is opening itself in the direction of environment and citizens. The public adminstration is no longer considered an inert object within the bureaucratic paradigm but as a series of communicative processes, choices, cultures and practices that actively builds itself and the environment it interacts with. Therefore, the output of the public administration isn’t the simple service being supplied but the relationship enacted with the citizen, relationship that becomes the constituent basis of adminstrative processes. The intention of thesis is to take into consideration the relation between innovation of the public administration and participatory experimentations and implementations regarded as exchanges in which citizens and the public administration hold talks and debates. The issue of the organizational change of the public administration as output and effect of inclusive deliberative practices has been analysed starting from an institutionalist approach, in other words examining the constituent features of institutions, “rediscovering” them with regard to their public nature, their ability to elaborate collective values and meanings, the social definition of problems and solutions. The participatory device employed by the Forlì city council that involved enterprises and cultural associations of the area in order to build a participatory Table, has been studied through a qualitative methodology (participant observation and semi-strutctured interviews). The analysis inquired into the public nature both of the participatory device and the administrative action itself as well as into elements pertaining the deliberative setting, the regulative reference framework and the actors which took part in the process.

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Dall’Agata, Claudia
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pubblica amministrazione, innovazione organizzativa, democrazia deliberativa, governance
Data di discussione
21 Maggio 2009

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