Modelling, control and testing of internal combustion engines to minimize consumption and pollutant emissions

Raggini, Lorenzo (2022) Modelling, control and testing of internal combustion engines to minimize consumption and pollutant emissions, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Automotive per una mobilità intelligente, 34 Ciclo.
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The objective of the PhD thesis was to research technologies and strategies to reduce fuel consumption and pollutants emission produced by internal combustion engines. In order to meet this objective my activity was focused on the research of advanced controls based on cylinder pressure feedback. These types of control strategies were studied because they present promising results in terms of engine efficiency enhancement. In the PhD dissertation two study cases are presented. The first case is relative to a control strategy to be used at the test bench for the optimisation of the spark advance calibration of motorcycle Engine. The second case is relative to a control strategy to be used directly on board of mining engines with the objective or reducing the engine consumption and correct ageing effects. In both cases the strategies proved to be effective but their implementation required the use of specific toolchains for the measure of the cylinder pressure feedback that for a matter of cost makes feasible the strategy use only for applications: • At test bench • In small-markets like large off-road engines The major bottleneck that prevents the implementation of these strategies on mass production is the cost of cylinder pressure sensor. In order to tackle this issue, during the PhD research, the development of a low-cost sensor for the estimation of cylinder pressure was studied. The prototype was a piezo-electric washer designed to replace the standard spark-plug washer or high-pressure fuel injectors gasket. From the data analysis emerged the possibility to use the piezo-electric prototype signal to evaluate with accuracy several combustion metrics compatible for the implementation of advanced control strategies in on-board applications. Overall, the research shows that advanced combustion controls are feasible and beneficial, not only at the test bench or on stationary engines, but also in mass-produced engines.

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Raggini, Lorenzo
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Combustion Closed loop, low cost cylinder pressure sensor, Indicating, piezo-electric washers, Mining Engines
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27 Giugno 2022

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