Automotive Antennas for V2X Communications

Lenzini, Stefano (2022) Automotive Antennas for V2X Communications, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Automotive per una mobilità intelligente, 34 Ciclo.
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The main topic of this thesis is about the design and prototyping of automotive antennas that allows Vehicle to Everything (V2X) communications, that is the communication between the vehicle and all what else is relevant. In particular 5G will be an enabling technology for these communications. Vehicular connectivity is a mandatory feature in nowadays car. Typical applications are that one related to the infotainment, i.e. radio or mobile telephone, or security ones, i.e. radars. The antennas that support this type of communications can be divided in two frequency range: the sub-6GHz range and the millimeter wave (mmW) range. Also the 5G standard can be divided in this two frequency ranges. In this work different automotive antennas solutions are presented for both the frequency bands. For the sub-6GHz range two different antennas are presented: a tin sheet 5G-sub6 radiating element and a complete 5G-GNSS-V2X shark fin module. For the mmW frequency band, an automotive PCB planar solution is presented. Since these frequencies are a novelty for the automotive market, satellite communications (SatCom) field has been considered. In SatCom applications mmW solutions are a well-established technology. Thus, also mmW antennas solutions for SatCom applications are here presented.

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Lenzini, Stefano
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Automotive, Antenna, V2X, Car, 5G, mmW, SatCom, Beamsteering
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30 Marzo 2022

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