Analyzing urban green adaptation opportunities: concepts, approaches, & strategies for existing neighborhoods

Gholami, Mansoureh (2022) Analyzing urban green adaptation opportunities: concepts, approaches, & strategies for existing neighborhoods, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Salute, sicurezza e sistemi del verde, 34 Ciclo.
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Over the last decades, the growing evidence of human-caused climate change has raised awareness of the consequences of exceeding global temperature by 2˚C. This awareness has led to a contemporary approach to the conceptualization and management of green adaptation policies in spatial planning. This thesis aims to develop a comprehensive methodology for assessing the adaptability of existing neighborhoods to green strategies. The reliability of the proposed method is examined in the cities of Bologna and Imola and proved to be applicable in other geoghraphical locations. This thesis integrates three key themes of conceptual and implementation principles for urban green adaptation. This thesis initially defines methods for narrowing uncertainties in urban planning energy forecasting modeling by exploring the roles of integrated energy planning. The second is by exploring green retrofitting strategies in building, this thesis examines the effects of various energy-saving factors in roofing scenarios including a green roof, rooftop greenhouse, and insolated roof. Lastly, this thesis analyzes green strategies in urban spaces to enhance thermal comfort through facing urban heat exposure related to urban heat island effects. The roles of integrated energy policies and green strategic thinking are discussed to highlight various aspects of green adaptation on the neighborhood scale. This thesis develops approaches by which cities can face the challenges of current green urban planning and connect the conceptual and practical aspects of green spatial planning. Another point that this thesis highlight is that due to the interdependency of individuals and places, it is difficult to assure whether all the adaptation policies on a large scale are enhancing the resiliency of the neighborhood or they are simply shuffling the vulnerability through the individuals and places. Besides, it asserts that neglecting to reflect on these reallocations of the effects generates serious complications, and will result in long-term dysfunctional consequences.

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Gholami, Mansoureh
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Urban Green Adaptation, Building Energy Modelling and Forecasting, Green Roofing Scenarios, Microclimate Digital Twin, Green Spaces, Urban heat island mitigation.
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15 Giugno 2022

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