Modeling of Electric Hybrid Vehicles based on Innovative Energy Storage Technologies for Super Sports Cars Applications

Franceschi, Alessandro (2022) Modeling of Electric Hybrid Vehicles based on Innovative Energy Storage Technologies for Super Sports Cars Applications, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna. Dottorato di ricerca in Automotive per una mobilità intelligente, 34 Ciclo.
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Today, the contribution of the transportation sector on greenhouse gases is evident. The fast consumption of fossil fuels and its impact on the environment has given a strong impetus to the development of vehicles with better fuel economy. Hybrid electric vehicles fit into this context with different targets, starting from the reduction of emissions and fuel consumption, but also for performance and comfort enhancement. Vehicles exist with various missions; super sport cars usually aim to reach peak performance and to guarantee a great driving experience to the driver, but great attention must also be paid to fuel consumption. According to the vehicle mission, hybrid vehicles can differ in the powertrain configuration and the choice of the energy storage system. Lamborghini has recently invested in the development of hybrid super sport cars, due to performance and comfort reasons, with the possibility to reduce fuel consumption. This research activity has been conducted as a joint collaboration between the University of Bologna and the sportscar manufacturer, to analyze the impact of innovative energy storage solutions on the hybrid vehicle performance. Capacitors have been studied and modeled to analyze the pros and cons of such solution with respect to batteries. To this aim, a full simulation environment has been developed and validated to provide a concept design tool capable of precise results and able to foresee the longitudinal performance on regulated emission cycles and real driving conditions, with a focus on fuel consumption. In addition, the target of the research activity is to deepen the study of hybrid electric super sports cars in the concept development phase, focusing on defining the control strategies and the energy storage system’s technology that best suits the needs of the vehicles. This dissertation covers the key steps that have been carried out in the research project.

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Franceschi, Alessandro
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Electric Hybrid Vehicles, Energy Storage, Super Sport cars, Capacitors, Batteries, Hybrid
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30 Marzo 2022

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